Uncle Mikes Glock Pro 2 Dual Retention Holster

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Product Information

The Uncle Mikes Glock Pro 2 Dual Retention Holster can be mounted on belt in a muzzle-forward, vertical or butt-forward cant. Two types of retention: Primary retention from anon-stretch retention strap and molded thumb break. Additional retention afforded by adjustable tension device that places varying amounts of pressure over the gun surface. Cordura Nylon holster. The Pro-2 Dual Retention Holsters are equal parts speed and safety.

Uncle Mike’s Pro-2 duty holster features a Dual Retention system yet all it takes to present the weapon is a quick, simple drawstroke. While holstered, your firearm is held snugly by a non-stretch retention strap (thumb break) and a traditional outboard tensioning device. In addition, an internal detent engages the trigger guard.

Uncle Mikes Glock Pro 2 Dual Retention Holster Features:

  • Toughness, durability and light weight of nylon
  • Holster body Sidekick® laminate Cordura® ¼” foam padding and smooth nylon lining
  • Body of holster suspended within a thermo-plastic exoskeleton for strength and rigidity
  • Non-stretch retention strap and molded thumb break stay open for EZ reholstering
  • Molded sight track protects front sight and protects holster from wear
  • External hardware is blackened stainless steel
  • Specify gun make and model
  • Level II
  • Right or left hand models available
  • Finish: Cordura Nylon
  • Color: Black