FROGLUBE CLP - Environmentally-Friendly Cleaner, Lube, Protectant FROGLUBE CLP is a Non-toxic...

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Leatherman MUT AR-15 Multitool

Compact, Go-Anywhere Leatherman MUT AR-15 Multitool Keeps Your Rifle Tuned & Running Smoothly The Leatherman...

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Otis Elite Cleaning System

The most innovative gun cleaning system in the Otis line, the Otis Elite Cleaning System is suitable for an...

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Otis Tactical Cleaning System

The Otis Tactical Cleaning System is engineered to fill the maintenance needs of shooters who use a variety of...

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Otis AR-15 Chamber Brush

The tapered bronze bristles of the Otis AR-15 Chamber Brush scrub the chamber, neck and shoulder. The steel...

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Dyna-Bore Coat Kit

Permanent Bore Treatment Reduces Fouling Buildup, Makes Cleaning Easy & Fast Dyna-Bore Coat Kit produces a...

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M-Pro 7 Small Arms Gun Cleaning Kit

Designed by and for the US Soldier, this M-Pro 7 Small Arms Gun Cleaning Kit contains everything needed to...

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Hoppes No. 9 Solvent

Hoppes No. 9 Solvent: Famous The World Over Nitro-Solvent, the most universally used solvent for removing primer,...

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Kano Kroil

Kano Kroil: The Oil That Creeps Kano Kroil is a lubricating and penetrating oil that flows into the tiniest of...

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