Magpul PMAG Extension

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Product Information

Increases Capacity Of 30-Round PMAG To 48 Rounds

Lightweight, streamlined clamp-on Magpul PMAG Extension kit increases the capacity of a 30-round Magpul PMAG to a full 48 rounds. Perfect for competition and tactical operations where more rounds and fewer mag changes can make the difference between winning or losing. Easy to install: simply remove the PMAG’s floorplate, clamp the mag body extension to the PMAG by tightening the four steel socket head cap screws, install the kit’s replacement spring, reinstall the original floorplate on the extension, and you’re ready to shoot. Available in Black or Clear for fast visual checks of ammo status. Works with both standard and MagLevel PMAGs. Nordic guarantees at least an 18-round increase in capacity.