Lake City M196 Tracer Ammo Bundles

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Product Information

Lake City M196 Tracer Ammo starts tracing at 50 yards, and continues on out to 500 yards! Lake City Ammo is conveniently loaded onto Mil-Spec 10-round stripper clips. Included is a Mil-Spec steel stripper clip guide for quick, easy loading of any USGI Spec M16 and AR-15 magazines. Please Note: While 5.5 ammo and the 223 ammo are generally interchangeable, the 5.56 is a military round that runs at higher pressures than its .223 counterpart.

  • 55gr 5.56 Ammo
  • Red tipped
  • Trace begins at 50 yards
  • Allows visible observation of the bullet trajectory out to 500 yards
  • Reloadable Lake City Brass, boxer primed
  • Mil-spec ammo
  • Packaged in 50 Cal MTM Ammo Can