IMR 3031 Gun Powder

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Product Information

IMR 3031 Gun Powder is a multi-use propellant that is a favorite with .308 shooters using 168-grain bullets. It also works great in smaller-capacity varmint rounds like .223 Remington and .22-250, and it’s also a great choice for reloading classics like .30-30 Winchester.

IMR Gun Powder - Originally, IMR powders were built in a facility at Carney’s Point, in New Jersey across the river from the black powder operations. This plant, built in the 1880’s, was a key provider of gunpowder to the U.S. military and its Allies during World War I. As the U.S. moved out of the Depression and headed towards World War II the need for increased capacity was satisfied through the construction of additional powder plants modeled after Carney’s Point. Amazingly, these plants in total shipped up to 1 Million pounds of gunpowder per day during World War II. In total, 2-1/2 billion pounds of smokeless powder was manufactured in these plants during the War. One of the locations of the newly constructed plants was Valleyfield, in Canada. This plant continues to be the primary supplier of IMR Legendary Powders today.