Fobus Tactical Elite Holster

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Product Information

Fobus Tactical Elite Holster -¬†Comfortable Carry That’s Lightweight & Secure

Fobus Tactical Elite Holsters feature a trigger guard detent, passive retention system provides nearly snatch-proof security, and allows a quick, smooth draw. Molded from lightweight thermoplastic for an exact fit, with a molded-in sight channel to prevent snagging. Contoured paddle with a full-width belt lock lets the firearm hug your body.

  • Low profile design for concealment. Passive retention around trigger guard Allows for rapid presentation, yet securely locks handgun in place. Rubberized paddle provides extra stability and increased comfort. Steel reinforced rivet attachment system (paddle and holster).
  • Established more than 25 years ago, FOBUS is Israel’s largest manufacturer of holsters and accessories for small arms. FOBUS holsters and pouches were designed and made especially for the Israeli security services and SWAT teams.
  • FOBUS holsters are mold injected of RX18 polymer, a compound of polymers designed for durability and high performance in tactical use. By using a passive retention system, a safety strap or mechanism is no longer needed; our design ensures safe carrying of the gun, accurate fitting and a quick draw when needed.