Custom 1911 Grips

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Product Information

No set of custom 1911 parts is complete without a matching set of custom 1911 grips! These beautiful, one of a kind Custom 1911 Grips can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Best of all, you won’t find 1911 grips like this anywhere else! Long-wearing, solid, comfortable grips crafted and machined from two of the most durable and best looking handgun grip materials ever invented; genuine Micarta and laminated Dymondwood. The Micarta is available in a gorgeous, jet Black that’s close to ebony, or Ivory that has the looks and warmth of real, honest-to-goodness tusk. The resin-impregnated Dymondwood looks like real Rosewoodbut its synthetic compound is much harder; it never wears, and resists all common gun solvents and bore cleaners. Double diamond pattern features hand cut, 18 lpi checkering and models to fit either Government/Commander length (STD) 1911 Auto or Officers ACP-length frames. Grips marked (S&A) are cut longer to fit flush on guns equipped with Smith & Alexander mag guides.