Colt SAA Bolt and Hand

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Product Information

Colt Gun Parts – Colt SAA Bolt and Hand - Heat-treated, spring steel, hardened and oversize action parts for rebuilding and accurizing Colt Single Action Army revolvers. All are slightly oversize to allow precise fitting. Bolts are radiused between the forks to resist breakage, extra wide lug provides for exact fit to cylinder locking slots. 1st Gen. bolt is shaped and contoured to match the original. 2nd/3rd Gen. bolt will fit all 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation guns. Hand, for 1st and 2nd generation guns, is hardened and heat treated to improve durability. Left slightly long for precise fitting. The Colt Single Action Army — also known as the Model PPeacemakerM1873Single Action ArmySAA, and Colt 45 — is a single action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six metallic cartridges. It was designed for the U.S. government service revolver trials of 1872 by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, today Colt’s Manufacturing Company, and was adopted as the standard military service revolver until 1892.