AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block

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Product Information

AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block Features:

  • Low profile, adjustable gas block
  • Designed to be field adjustable
  • Adjustable via two set screws
  • Brass friction lock screw is used to lock-in adjustments, without the use of thread locker
  • Brass screw will not mar adjustment screw
  • .750” ID fits many AR15/M16 barrels
  • Matte black finish
  • Steel construction

An Adjustable Gas Block allows the user to “tune” the gas system for optimum reliability and performance. Many factory AR-15 rifles are “over gassed”, meaning that the gas block is returning more pressure than necessary. This can lead to premature fouling and/or wear of the rifle’s components. An adjustable gas block allows you to tune your rifle specifically to your own operational requirements, thereby extending the life of your AR-15.  In terms of accuracy, you won’t likely experiences any loss whatsoever. Actually, you can improve accuracy of a rifle by tuning the gas system which in turn reduces recoil impulse, improves the ability to keep your sights on target/sight recovery.

This Adjustable Gas Block is offered by Seekins Precision (